The World-Record Largest Tabletop Role-Playing Game

Experience the game that set a world record for the most players in a tabletop role-playing game. Over 1,000 players joining together in one big battle—do you have what it takes to claim victory?

The Dead Wars: The Largest TTRPG in the World

Game Features

Easy to Join, Fun to Play

Whether you're a total beginner who's never played Dungeons & Dragons before, or a seasoned veteran, we make it easy to jump right in and join the fun.

Live Music, Entertainment, and Special Guests

On Dead Wars Day, our venue in Provo, Utah takes on a festive atmosphere with live musicians, table-crashers, panels, and vendors.

Five Playable Factions

For 2025, we're introducing five new playable factions, adding a competitive element to the game. Will your faction rise above the rest?

Five Playable Factions

The Arcane Registry

A guild of powerful magic users. They study all magic to control, tame and utilize it.

Magic has always been the answer. With magic, we have shaped the world, slain would-be gods, and turned back death itself. Magic will be the stairway that leads us to new realms to explore and understand. We look for those who can wield power, for those who can change the world, and who will be the light in the dark.

The Industrialists

The rise of invention and science solves all problems. Industry is made to raise everyone to a better life.

The future is bright with possibilities! Every day we push technology forward as it in turn pushes life forward. Each technological leap sends us exponentially faster to the stars. The gears are in motion, the clock is ticking, and we are the future!

Nature's Pathway

Allies of nature, want to balance all life without destroying earth.

The world is changing, but the root of life is with nature. We are part of the earth, and we are its protectors. There must be balance in Nature, Magic, Life, and even progress so all can grow like the trees.

Protectors of the Old Gods

A combination of the few remaining religions, banned together, not to be forgotten. They work to be a force of good in the world to bring credibility back to religion.

We will protect those who are most vulnerable. While the world tries to forget us and move on, we will stand and fight. We will help the burdened, the downtrodden, the old, and weary. We represent the last of the gods, and we will wield their power for the good of all, and we will not be forgotten.

The Unbound

The last remaining royal family dissolved the monarchy, giving the power to the people. The Unbound represents the working class, no magic, no tech, but might in numbers and organization.

Power always corrupts. Magic, Tech, and even the gods themselves have once turned against us. We, the people, are the balance. We will keep those who put themselves above others in check. Others wield holy weapons, magical artifacts, and steam contraptions. But we carry the worker's hammer, and with that, we will destroy any throne.

The World Record

In 2023, we set a Guiness world record for the most people playing Dungeons & Dragons, with 1,227 players.

In 2024, our event was even bigger, with 1,449 players!  Check out our recap of the 2024 event here: Dead Wars 2024

In 2025, we're doing it all again, and you can be a part of it.