The Dead Wars 2024

On May 3-4, 2024, we had a total of 1,475 players join together in an epic battle against the twin demigods Skotos and Aos, in a massively-multiplayer tabletop role-playing game played in Provo, Utah.

This was our second year hosting the event, and the first time we split it up into two days.  On Friday, we had at least 421 participants in person, plus 14 joining remotely.  On Saturday, we had at least 985 players in person, plus 10 generals and a head Dungeon Master, and at least 19 remote players.

You can still download the play packets for the event here: Dead Wars Files.

If you participated in the event and want to leave your feedback, please take the Dead Wars 2024 Feedback survey. We'd love to hear what you loved (and what you hated) so we can make next year's event even better.

Watch the Event

We recorded video of both days of the event, which you can watch here to catch up on what happened.

The Dead Wars Day 1: Battle of Evenfell

On the first day, the mortal army landed on the beaches and in the city of Evenfell, to retake it from the dark demigod Skotos and his evil augment minions.

The Dead Wars Day 2: The Divine Realm

On the second day, we took a portal into the Divine Realm to fight against Skotos' twin, the demigod Aos, and his angel minions.

Event Photos

Before the Dead Wars Episodes

Watch our actual-play episodes to get some lore of what happened before the big battle.