Epic Armoury

Veteran Bracers


Whether you're a novice stepping into your first battle or a seasoned veteran, you know the importance of sturdy armor to keep you safe. Epic Armoury’s RFB Veteran Bracers are crafted to provide reliable protection for your forearms while maintaining an elegant design.


- Robust Construction: Made from chrome-tanned split leather, these bracers are built to endure. They are carefully stitched around the edges, creating a durable and aesthetically pleasing piece of armor.
- Secure Fit: The bracers are held in place with sturdy leather straps and brass buckles, ensuring they stay securely on your arms during intense combat.
- Enhanced Durability: Hemmed with additional soft split leather to prevent deformation, these bracers can withstand the rigors of any LARP event.
- Versatile Style: Available in Black and Brown, and in sizes S-M or L-XL, these bracers feature a neutral style that complements any costume. Pair them with our Veteran Armour and Greaves for a cohesive look, or mix and match with other pieces to create your unique LARP kit.

Why You’ll Love Them:
These Veteran Bracers are more than just protective gear—they’re a testament to historical craftsmanship. Traditionally, arm protection was called a "bracer" if it safeguarded an archer's forearm. Otherwise, it was known as a "vambrace" or "forearm guard." Our bracers blend this rich history with modern durability, offering you the best of both worlds.

Whether you're gearing up for your next LARP adventure or perfecting your fantasy cosplay, the Veteran Bracers are an essential part of your armor. Their robust construction and versatile design ensure you’re always ready for battle, while their historical roots add an extra layer of authenticity to your character.

Gear up with the Veteran Bracers today and step into your adventure with confidence!