Soft Green Dragon


Have you been looking for the softest green dragon?

Look no further! The Soft Green Dragon Plush is the perfect companion for fantasy enthusiasts and D&D players alike. This enchanting dragon isn’t just a cuddly toy—it’s a magical solution to all your adventuring needs, bringing comfort, inspiration, and a touch of whimsy to your tabletop and beyond.

Immerse Yourself in Fantasy:
Crafted from the finest, cloud-soft plush materials, our Soft Green Dragon features a mottled green pattern that captures the essence of a mystical forest creature. Its enchanting glittery green eyes will captivate you, sparking your imagination and helping you dive deeper into your fantasy realms.

Perfect for Role-Playing:
With its slouchy, understuffed body and oversized, bean-filled feet, this dragon is designed to fit perfectly in your arms, making it an ideal companion for those long D&D sessions. Whether you’re a dungeon master or a player, this dragon adds a tangible touch of magic to your stories, helping you stay in character and fully immerse yourself in the game.

A Guardian for Your Treasures:
This plush dragon is not just for hugging—its endearing appearance, complete with small wings and tiny horns, makes it a wonderful guardian for your dice, miniatures, or any other gaming treasures. Place it on your desk or gaming table, and let it watch over your adventures, ensuring that every quest is a little more magical.

Comfort Beyond Compare:
The Soft Green Dragon’s soft texture and cuddly form are perfect for unwinding after an intense game. Its gentle, pudgy form will melt into your arms with every hug, providing comfort and relaxation. Ideal for players of all ages, from toddlers to adults, it’s a versatile companion that grows with you through all stages of your fantasy journey.

Easy Care for Endless Adventures:
Made with durability in mind, this plush dragon is machine washable, ensuring it stays fresh and clean no matter how many adventures you take it on. Its lightweight design (just 5.1 oz) and compact size (9” sitting) make it easy to bring along wherever your quests may lead.