Epic Armoury

Samurai Bracers


Enhance your combat readiness with Epic Armoury’s Samurai Bracers, meticulously crafted to shield your forearms and hands. Made from full-grain leather, these bracers are expertly sculpted to follow the natural shape of your arms for optimal comfort. The hardened leather and curved edges provide superior structural strength, ensuring both added protection and durability.

Secure these Samurai Bracers effortlessly with leather laces on the underside, and wrap the heavy cotton fabric snugly around your wrist. The handguard attaches easily by wrapping the cotton cord around your knuckles. Inspired by traditional Asian aroot, these bracers are an ideal complement to other products in Epic Armoury’s Asian Universe collection.

Available in striking Red and classic Black.

- Hand and arm protection is one of the oldest forms of armour, vital for combat effectiveness.
- This style is often referred to as a demi-gauntlet due to its limited finger protection.