Epic Armoury

Ready for Battle Cloak


The bestselling Ready-for-Battle Cape features an advanced semi-circular design that combines practicality with classic medieval aesthetics. With a short cut at the flanks and a longer drape at the back, this cape includes a hood and cotton-strap fastenings, ensuring ease of movement while providing excellent protection from the elements.

Crafted from durable cotton, this cape can be easily treated at home to become water-resistant, making it perfect for all your outdoor adventures. Whether you need to shield yourself from wind, rain, or sun, the Ready-for-Battle Cape is a practical and stylish addition to your costume.

Capes are synonymous with medieval and fantasy clothing, adding an essential layer to your character’s ensemble. The Ready-for-Battle Cape’s classic cut makes it suitable for any character in any game world, offering versatility and freedom when customizing your equipment.

Key Features:

• Design: Semi-circular cut with short flanks and a long back, fitted with a hood and cotton-strap fastenings for easy movement and protection.
• Material: Made from durable cotton, easily treated for water resistance at home.
• Versatility: A classic cut that fits seamlessly into any medieval or fantasy costume, suitable for any character.
• Practicality: Offers excellent protection against wind, rain, and sun, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

Historical Insight:

• One of the oldest garments known to humanity, capes were a common fashion in medieval Europe, especially when combined with a hood.