Epic Armoury

Potion Holder


Epic Armoury’s Potion Holder 3 Piece is designed for the seasoned adventurer who needs their potions secure and close at hand. This discreet leather pouch is perfect for keeping your essential elixirs intact while you traverse treacherous terrains or engage in epic battles.


  • Compact and Durable Design: Made from tough plated split-leather, this small but mighty pouch securely holds three small glass bottles, each with a 5 ml capacity. These bottles come with rubber stoppers to keep your precious potions safe from leaks.
  • Secure Storage: The leather pockets ensure that the bottles are separated and protected from breaking during combat or rough play. The pouch locks closed with a solid leather strap that slides through a leather hoop, keeping everything snug and secure.
  • Convenient Attachment: Attach the Potion Holder to your belt with two sturdy belt straps fitted with brass studs. It’s designed to fit most Epic Armoury belts, making it a versatile addition to any adventurer’s gear.
  • Versatile Style: Available in Black and Brown, this Potion Holder seamlessly blends with any costume, whether you’re a noble healer or a cunning alchemist.

Why You’ll Love It:
This isn’t just a potion holder—it’s a nod to the ancient art of alchemy. Alchemists of old believed in the power of elements and the possibility of creating​⬤