Luisa the Axolotl


Discover the ultimate in cuddly comfort with Luisa the Axolotl, a plush friend as soft as a fairy’s touch. With her gentle smile and delicate pale pink hue, Luisa is designed to be the coziest and most enchanting companion you’ll ever meet.

Unbelievable Softness:
Luisa’s plush materials are decadently soft, providing a cloud-like texture that’s irresistible to hug. Her pale pink fur is soothing to the touch, making every cuddle a magical experience.

Enchanting Details:
Accented with coral-colored feathery gills and rose-tinted eyes that glow warmly, Luisa has a whimsical charm that will capture your heart. Her delicate dorsal fin, made from gauzy tulle, adds a touch of fairy-tale magic to her cuddly design.

Perfectly Huggable Size:
Standing at 11 inches tall (28 cm), Luisa is the perfect size for hugging, snuggling, and holding close. Whether you’re curling up with her during storytime or taking her on adventures, she’s always ready to offer the softest comfort.

Effortless Care:
Luisa is surface washable, making it easy to keep her fresh and clean. Her enduring softness ensures she remains a beloved companion through countless cuddles and adventures.

Weight: 7.4 oz
Dimensions: 11 × 6 × 11 inches
Age: 24 months & up

Embrace the plush perfection of Luisa the Axolotl, and let her softness sweep you away to a world of comfort and enchantment. With Luisa by your side, every hug is a journey into a fairy-tale dream!