Crackling Campfire Gaming Candle


On your journey to the dungeon, you find a flat bit of earth away from the main trail.  The dwarf arranges rocks in a ring, while the ranger finds old dried wood to use for kindling.  With a spark of your flint and steel, you cup your hands around the fledgling flame and blow into it, watching the orange embers come alive. 

Each of you in your party gather around the warm light in the midst of the darkness, and the sorcerer begins to tell you a tale from a night very much like this one, a long, long time ago...

Saffron, clove, patchouli, wood, and smoke combine in this candle to give you the real feel of being by the fireside as your party bivouacs for the night, enjoying the orange glow as the flame dances and flickers before you.

The large, 8oz version of this candle uses a crackling wood wick; the small, 2oz version uses a normal cotton wick.

Key features:

  • Made of all-natural, sustainable soy wax
  • Made by hand in small batches in the USA
  • Inspired by happy experiences of camping with friends
  • The perfect geeky gift
  • Recommended for immersive gaming experiences
  • Burns for 40-56 hours