Albie the Soft Wolf


Embrace the wild and snuggle up with Albie the Soft Wolf, the ultimate plush friend for nature lovers and aspiring Rangers. With his lifelike design and irresistibly soft fur, Albie is here to bring the cozy side of the wilderness right into your arms.

Natural Beauty:
Albie’s design features muted natural colors that give him a realistic appearance. His gray faux fur, with frosted tips, provides a grizzled, rugged look, while his pale-colored bib draws attention to his expressive face. His lifelike charm is perfect for those who admire the beauty of the wild.

Captivating Details:
Albie’s large, tan paws are filled with beans, giving him a playful, floppy style that invites endless interaction. His lively, amber-colored eyes sparkle with personality, making him a captivating companion for all ages.

Perfect Ranger Companion:
Standing 10 inches tall (25 cm) in a sitting position, Albie is the ideal size for hugging and carrying along on all your adventures. His soft and huggable shape makes him the perfect animal companion for a Ranger, whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or embarking on fantastical quests.

Ultimate Softness:
Nature has never been so soft and cuddly. Albie’s plush materials are designed for comfort, offering a gentle touch that makes every snuggle feel like a cozy embrace from the wild.

Easy Care:
Albie is machine washable, ensuring that he stays fresh and clean, ready for every new journey you undertake together.

Weight: 8 oz
Dimensions: 7 × 8 × 10 inches
Age: 24 months & up

Invite Albie the Soft Wolf into your pack and experience the softer side of nature. As a steadfast companion, he’s always ready to join you on your adventures, offering warmth, comfort, and the spirit of the wild.