Join the Golden Ten Games at We Geek Together!

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out in the world of tabletop gaming, the Golden Ten Games program at We Geek Together offers an exciting and unique way to dive into fantastical worlds.

How It Works

  1. Casual One-Shots: These games are casual one-shot adventures, which you can schedule in advance or just walk-in. They start at 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm.  They're run by our tavern's professional Dungeon Masters, and cost $15 per player.
  2. Choose Your Adventure: When you arrive, you'll have the opportunity to select from ten captivating adventures, each crafted by the renowned dungeon master Rhees Nielson. From negotiating peace with orcs to braving the treacherous depths of a dragon's lair, each adventure promises a thrilling experience.
  3. Pick Your Character: Don't have a character? No worries! We provide a range of premade character sheets tailored to the chosen adventure. Of course, if you prefer to bring your own character to the game, that's great too!
  4. Prepare to Play: After selecting your mini and settling in, our Dungeon Master (DM) will gather all necessary materials and go over the Tavern Rules. Before you know it, you'll be embarking on your chosen quest.
  5. Game On: Each game session is designed to last between 1.5 to 2 hours, with possibilities for cliffhanger endings to keep the excitement going. Our DMs are encouraged to adapt the stories for maximum fun and engagement, ensuring a memorable experience.

Rewards & Benefits

  • Golden Ten Rewards: Every time you play three different adventures, you get a reward: Earn $5 store credit after your first three, enjoy a free game after playing three more, and continue to unlock exclusive rewards such as custom 3D prints and a spin-the-wheel chance!
  • Ultimate Glory: Complete all ten games and get your name on our Wall of Fame, plus receive a special "We Geek Together" specialized d20 die.
  • Membership Card: Track your progress with a unique membership card featuring ten dice. Each game you play earns you a sticker on a die, marking your journey through the Golden Ten.
  • Catch 'Em All: Golden Ten Games are designed for replay-ability, so you'll have a good experience even if you repeat the same adventure a second time.  You only get rewards the first time you play each one, though, so you're encouraged to try them all.

Adventure Menu

  1. Peace Among Men (Roleplay, Beginner, Levels 1-3): Diplomacy is your weapon in forging an alliance with orcs.
  2. Down to the Devil’s Den (Exploration, Beginner, Levels 1-3): Navigate infernal landscapes to rescue a soul from the devil’s grasp.
  3. Call of the Dead (Combat, Beginner, Levels 1-3): Defend a town from relentless undead hordes.
  4. Feeding the Fey (Roleplay, Intermediate, Levels 5-7): Solve whimsical challenges in the Feywild to restore balance.
  5. Labyrinth of the Lost (Combat, Intermediate, Levels 5-7): Retrieve the Golden Fleece in a treacherous labyrinth.
  6. Elemental Exploration (Exploration, Intermediate, Levels 5-7): Prevent the cataclysmic fusion of elemental planes.
  7. Cult of the Mind (Roleplay, Hard, Levels 9-11): Infiltrate a Mind Flayer colony to plant a bomb.
  8. Dragon Hoard Heist (Combat, Hard, Levels 9-11): Steal treasure from under a dragon’s nose.
  9. Never-Ending Dungeon (Exploration, Hard, Levels 9-11): Venture into an endlessly challenging dungeon.
  10. Lair of the Lich (Combat, Deadly, Level 13): Battle a powerful lich in a perilous dungeon.

Start Your Adventure Today!

Ready to embark on your next great adventure? Visit us at We Geek Together and become a part of the Golden Ten Games. Our adventures await!

You can play the Golden Ten Games with or without an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome. You can also reserve a time slot if you wish, which will guarantee that you can play with your favorite professional Dungeon Master.

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