Dungeon Master Appreciation Month

Dungeon Masters make the magic happen. Just as a director crafts a film, Dungeon Masters give life to our adventures. They are the writers, directors, and actors who transform simple words and numbers into immersive stories filled with drama, excitement, and unforgettable moments.

This July, We Geek Together is celebrating Dungeon Master Appreciation Month with a special tribute to these unsung heroes of our gaming tables.

As a token of our gratitude, we are offering a free printed adventure of Save the Cat and a meticulously crafted 3D-printed miniature of the shadow panther from the adventure. Just visit our store in Provo to claim your exclusive gifts.

For those who prefer to shop online, we have something for you too! Download the printable PDF of Save the Cat for free and dive into this thrilling adventure from the comfort of your home:

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In the adventure Save the Cat, the heroes embark on what appears to be a simple mission: rescuing a cat stuck in a tree. But as they approach, they are suddenly transported to the nightmare realm, a dark and eerie dimension filled with shadowy creatures and hidden dangers. They must unravel the mystery of the shadow panther and the true nature of their quest, navigating a perilous landscape where allies and enemies are not always what they seem.