Epic Armoury

Wand Sheath


Even the mightiest magicians need to protect their weapon of choice. Epic Armoury’s Wand Sheath, crafted from full-grain leather, offers the perfect solution for keeping your wand safe during any LARP occasion. This stylish accessory is an essential addition to any witch or wizard’s outfit, designed to fit Epic Armoury’s own line of wands and most others with ease. Measuring 29 cm, the sheath features an adjustable belt loop, ensuring your wand is always at your hip, ready to cast spells and perform magic.

Key Features:

• Premium Quality: Made from natural, full-grain leather for durability and authenticity.
• Customizable Fit: Fits most wands and includes an adjustable belt loop for secure attachment.
• Detailed Design: Highly detailed embossing around the edges enhances its visual appeal.
• Color Options: Available in Brown and Black to suit any outfit.

Historical Context:

• The concept of magic wands dates back to ancient Greek literature, with the enchantress Circe using her wand to cast spells in Homer’s The Odyssey.

Each Epic Armoury Wand Sheath is handmade and hand-painted by skilled professionals, making every piece unique. Natural variations in pattern, color, and shape are to be expected, adding to the charm and authenticity of your gear.

Please note that due to the handcrafted nature and natural dye process, the colors and patterns of the product you receive may differ slightly from the images shown. Embrace the uniqueness of your wand sheath and add a touch of magic to your adventures with Epic Armoury’s Wand Sheath.