Epic Armoury

Squire Braces


Step into the fray with confidence wearing Epic Armoury’s Squire Bracers, robust leather armguards designed to shield your forearms during combat. Constructed from four thick full-grain leather plates, these bracers are joined with tough leather cords, offering exceptional structural strength to withstand wear and resist deformation. For added comfort, the inside features a soft split-leather lining that rests gently against your skin.

Adjust the leather cord lacing to achieve your perfect fit, ensuring these bracers stay securely in place. The timeless and versatile design seamlessly integrates with other Epic Armoury leather and metal armours, allowing you to customize your ensemble to suit your needs.

- Contrary to popular belief, arm protection was termed a "bracer" only if it protected the forearm of an archer.
- Forearm protection for other uses would be called a "vambrace" or "forearm guard."