Lich T-Shirt


Step into the realm of epic quests and dark magic with our Garment-Dyed Lich Tee—a must-have for any adventurer with a sense of style (or a fear of the undead).

Made from the finest cotton this side of the Sword Coast, our tee is as soft and comfy as a well-enchanted cloak. But don't let its cozy feel fool you—this shirt packs a punch with its striking ink drawing of a lich, reminding everyone at the table that you're not afraid to roll initiative against the forces of darkness.

With a relaxed fit perfect for those long dungeon crawls and lively colors that stand in stark contrast to the undead subject matter, this tee is sure to turn heads faster than a gelatinous cube in a treasure room.

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just starting your journey, our Garment-Dyed Lich Tee is the ultimate way to show your love for Dungeons & Dragons. So grab your dice, gather your party, and prepare to slay monsters in style!