Henrietta the Blue Lace Hen


Meet Henrietta the Blue Lace Hen, the plush companion that brings farmyard glamour and charm right into your home! With her bright blues and oranges, Henrietta is a standout addition to any plush collection, captivating both young and old with her lifelike and cuddly design.

Glamorous Design:
Henrietta boasts a sumptuously detailed appearance with vibrant blue and orange hues, making her the most glamorous chicken in the coop. Her eye-catching colors make her the envy of all the other birds on the farm and a delightful addition to any display.

Luxurious Materials:
Crafted from specially selected materials that offer feathery textures and irresistible softness, Henrietta provides a plush experience that is both lifelike and wonderfully cuddly. Every touch is a reminder of her exquisite quality.

Realistic Details:
Henrietta’s face features a realistic red comb and wattle, while her bright black eyes and yellow beak complete her authentic look. These charming details bring Henrietta to life, making her a perfect companion for imaginative barnyard play.

Perfect for All Ages:
Standing 8.5 inches tall (21 cm), Henrietta is the perfect size for hugging, playing, or displaying. Her medium size makes her an ideal friend for children and adults alike, offering endless fun and comfort.

Versatile Appeal:
Whether she’s displayed as a decorative piece or used for make-believe barnyard adventures, Henrietta’s charismatic presence will appeal to fans of these charming barnyard critters, no matter their age.

Easy to Care For:
Henrietta is surface washable, ensuring that she remains fresh and clean, ready for all your farmyard fun and snuggles.

Weight: 5.1 oz
Dimensions: 8 × 5 × 7 inches
Age: 24 months & up

Add a touch of farmyard glamour to your life with Henrietta the Blue Lace Hen. With her vibrant colors, luxurious softness, and lifelike details, she’s a plush chicken that brings joy and charm to every cuddle and playtime!