Bradberton Brahmin T-shirt


Introducing the latest addition to your Fallout-inspired wardrobe: the Bradberton Brahmin T-shirt! Made with the same top-notch Comfort Colors 1717 fabric as our Redding Radscorpions tee, this garment-dyed masterpiece is a tribute to the iconic creatures of the Wasteland.

Picture this: the year is 2060, and the Bradberton Brahmin are charging onto the scene with double the heads and double the swagger. With their unmistakable silhouette proudly emblazoned on the chest, this tee screams "Wasteland chic" louder than a pack of feral ghouls on a midnight hunt.

Crafted from the finest ring-spun cotton and pre-shrunk for your convenience, the Bradberton Brahmin T-shirt offers the same unbeatable comfort and durability you've come to expect from Comfort Colors. Whether you're strolling through the irradiated ruins of Boston or lounging in your Vault-Tec shelter, this tee has got you covered.

And let's not forget the design! In the center, you'll find the Bradberton Brahmin mascot, a two-headed behemoth ready to charge into battle or maybe just graze peacefully in the glowing green pastures. With the words "Bradberton Brahmin" proudly displayed beneath, it's clear that you're not just a survivor—you're a fan of Wasteland legends.

So why wait? Grab your bottle of Nuka-Cola and saddle up, because with the Bradberton Brahmin T-shirt, you'll be turning heads from Diamond City to the Mojave Wasteland. Get yours today and show the world that you've got the style, the spirit, and the mutated livestock to conquer the apocalypse in style!