Dragonscale Metal Dice


These heavy metal dice are textured with dragon scales, colored green, blue, and yellow—the closest thing you'll get to dice made out of real dragon scales.

Each set includes seven metal polyhedral dice, inside a dragon leather bag with a green dragon eye.

Why you'll love these dice:

  • Shaped and colored like they're made out of green dragon scales
  • Included in a polyurethane leather dice bag with a green dragon's eye
  • They're heavy, clocking in at 4.3oz, over twice the weight of a regular plastic dice set.
  • Die-cast from a non-toxic zinc alloy.
  • Contains all seven dice you've come to know and love in a D&D dice set

We recommend rolling any gemstone or metal dice on dice tray in order to make your new favorite dice—and your furniture—last longer.