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Demon Hunters


Demon Hunters is episode 2 in our Dead Wars store campaign. Written in-house, each adventure is easy to prep and run, and the game should last 2-3 hours.

Setup for the adventure:

“Tension fills the air of everyday activities. New Kingdom Grand is recovering from its traumatizing attack. Townsfolk helps city guards clean up ruins of festival games, decorations, and displays. A demon attack during the recent peace festival has set everyone on edge. Shadows lurk in the alleyways, rumors of attacks at night. Before the sun sets, the streets are empty, and windows boarded up.”

Summary: The players must contact a retired demon hunter and travel to the backstreets to start interrogating demons.

The file download is a PDF file, sized 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches high.  It's mostly black-and-white, so it should print well on a home printer.  12 pages in total.