The Desert Dash for Vespene Gas


A digital download of "The Desert Dash for Vespene Gas", a 14-page adventure module for characters of level 4-6.

Written and illustrated by Kevin L. Owens, it includes a new magic item, called Vespene Gas, a Fire Trap, and a monster called a Vespene Wasp.

In the arid desert lands, rumors have circulated for years about a vespene geyser said to spew forth an otherworldly, shimmering gas imbued with magical properties. Many have searched for this elusive geyser, but none have succeeded in finding it—until now.

Their party has received word that a group of bandits, led by the notorious thief known as “The Viper,” has recently discovered the vespene geyser and are on their way to claim it for themselves.

It is up to the adventurers to brave the scorching desert sands and retrieve the vespene gas before it falls into the wrong hands.

The file download is a PDF file, sized 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches high.

We recommend burning our Vespene Geyser candle while playing this adventure module.

©2023 Kevin L. Owens